I am a financial advisor and I often give my clients a copy of "The Legacy Drawer".   The Legacy Drawer binder is the perfect place to keep their important information and documents well organized. 

A couple of years ago, a client came in following the death of his wife who had lost a long battle with cancer.  We discussed the probate process and what would be required in collecting information, transferring assets, etc.  Before he left I have him a copy of the binder and made suggestions for organizing all the information he would be needing.

A few days later, he came in the office and told me the following story:  He said that when he got home he put the binder on the kitchen cabinet and went to bed.  When he got up the next morning he was surprised to see the binder on his wife's dresser.  And he was even more surprised when he opened it up and saw that the data pages had been completed in his wife's handwriting. 

Then he went into the kitchen and found that the organizer binder I had given him was still there.  He discovered that his wife had asked one of his office assistants to pick one up from my office a few months earlier. 

Neither of us could hold back the tears as we pictured that dear sweet lady using the last ounce of her strength to make things easier for him.