What's Included

Inside each of The Legacy Drawer® binders is a thorough and intuitive system to help you organize your personal and financial information.  It also has practical tips and suggestions for organizing your important papers and information.

Section 1 - Data                                     Section 2 - Documents

Blank forms to record your personal information.                                Labeled, plastic sleeves for document storage.
Introduction             Copy of Will or Trust - 2
Suggestions and Tips Other Legal Documents
Emergency Numbers Business Documents
Other Household Numbers Birth Certificates
Special Instructions Marriage Certificate
Personal and Family - 2 Dissolution Papers
Advisors Military Papers
Bank Accounts Diplomas, Certificates, Transcripts - 2
Additional Bank Accounts Immunization Records
Safe Deposit Box Inventory         Child ID 
Credit Cards Pets
Money Owed to Us Tax Returns - 3
Autos and RV Social Security Information
Summary of Life Insurance Policies Investments - 2
Medical Insurance Employee Retirement Plan - 2
Disability Insurance Auto Titles and License Receipts - 2
Auto Insurance Information Boat or RV  Title - 2
Amounts We Owe - Loans Payable Home or other Property Insurance
Real Estate Auto Insurance Policy - 2
Investment Summary Annuities - 2
Retirement Benefits Projection Life Insurance Policies - 3
Summary of Variable Annuities & Life Insurance
Personal Financial Statement / Balance Sheet  
Final Planning - People - 2  
Final Planning - Services - 2  
Addresses and Email Addresses - 2  
Notes - 2