The Legacy Drawer has satisfied customers throughout U S and Canada

The Legacy Drawer® is an innovative product that we believe no family should be without.  However, our customers say it better.  Here's what some of them have said:


Very nice and well done.”        Tami in Utah

"I was quite impressed with the product.  Thanks so much.  It was well worth the price.  I have already suggested it to three of my friends."              Enid in California


"During the course of my 30+ years in the wealth transfer business I have seen a number of good document organizing systems.  However, there's no doubt in my mind that yours is far and away the best one!"      Peter In Iowa


The Legacy Drawer is a great resource that every family needs.  When completed it is an invaluable reference in the event of crisis.  The comprehensive guide helps make it easy to gather all your personal information in one location.  It is the best gift we can give our family."          Gaylan in Texas


We like the book and want to order 6 more."       Roger in New York

"Your book is genius!"     Gayle in California


“I really like the Legacy Drawer.  I like the pockets which can be used to store the documents.”   Kristi in Texas


"...a wonderful way to organize all of our Important Papers."    Marilyn in Utah

 "The binder is perfect."  Gloria in Texas

 “…truly valuable product.”      Bob in Oklahoma

 "My parents just completed their copy and I reviewed it this weekend.  Thanks so much."    Christie in Irving

"An awesome gift."    Nan in South Carolina

 “My mom had organized all of her important documents in The Legacy Drawer.  When she died, it was a great help to me.  I had almost everything I needed in a neat organized binder.”         Kay in Texas