In the event of a missing child, it is urgent that you have quick access to a child ID that can be used by law enforcement, media and volunteers.  It doesn’t have to have a specific format, but should include a few basic items and it needs to be concise enough so that you can always have it available such as in a wallet or purse.  Following are a few recommendations for a complete child ID:

Use a card the size of a credit card and include the child’s (1) name, (2) Date of birth, (3) Gender, (4) Height and Weight and date the measurements were updated, (5) Hair color, (6) Parent’s contact information and (7) Photo.  You should make copies for grandparents or other relatives or friends who might be traveling with the child. 

For further identification, it is a good idea to have fingerprints and hair sample or other DNA samples.  Check with your local law enforcement office to see if they prepare child ID kits.  Or, you can obtain an inkless fingerprint ID kit prepared by the National Child Identification Program through the products page of this website.