CBS has a website called MoneyWatch, the goal of which is "to help you understand the economic world around you and to make better decisions about your money."

Kate Ashford wrote a terrific article entitled,  "8 Steps to Protect Your Family,"  which was a quick and logical how-to about estate planning.   

Step #7 was entitled,  "Organize Your Paperwork."    Kate wrote, "Do you know where your tax returns, insurance policies, brokerage and 401(k) statements, and mortgage paperwork are? If you’re not sure, you can bet your loved ones won’t be able to find them when they need to, plunging them into estate-settling hell. Put everything together in one place and then tell your spouse or closest family member where that is. Aside from the documents mentioned above, also include: your Social Security and health insurance/Medicare cards, plus contact information for your doctors, lawyers and accountants."

In one succinct paragraph,  Kate perfectly described the concept behind The Legacy Drawer®.  It's such a logical solution to estate planning practices,  we wonder why we didn't launch our website sooner!

For Kate's complete article,   click here.