Child ID Kit with inkless fingerprint

The National Child Identification Program inkless fingerprint I.D. Kit allows parents to take and store their kids' fingerprints and DNA sample  in their own home. Fingerprints are produced using a clear inkless solution, developed by Inkless Image, that leaves no messy black ink or residue on fingers or clothes.  

Parents do not need to be fingerprint experts - a black fingerprint appears immediately on the identification card when the clear inkless solution makes contact with the coated fingerprint section of the card.  Each Identification kit is comprised of (1) an inkless fingerprinting card and (2) a DNA collection envelope.
 Kit Contains
  • Step-by-step instructions for taking fingerprints
  • An area to practice fingerprinting
  • A standard fingerprint area for use by law enforcement
  • Foil pouch containing inkless fingerprinting solution
  • Sections for recording the child’s physical description and identifying marks
  • Sections for recording a doctor's phone numbers
  • Space for a Current photograph
  • Two sterile swabs for obtaining DNA from the inside of child's cheek


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$7.50 USD
  • Child ID Kit with inkless fingerprint